Britney Spears' Hair Purportedly For Sale On eBay

Sunday, February 18th 2007, 5:25 pm
By: News On 6

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ You knew it was coming: Hair purportedly clipped from the head of pop star Britney Spears for sale on e-Bay.

Various sellers on the online auction site offered not only shorn hair, but clippers that they claimed did the job.

One seller claimed to have collected hair with the salon owner, and offered it for sale along with a can energy drink supposedly sipped by the singer.

Britney Spears reportedly used an electric clipper and shaved her own head at a San Fernando Valley salon.

``I tried to talk her out of it. I said, 'Are you sure you're not having a bad day and tomorrow you'll feel differently about it? Why don't we wait a little bit?''' salon owner Esther Tognozzi told CNN.

``She said 'No, I absolutely want it shaved off now.' Next thing I know, she grabbed the buzzer and she went to the back of my salon and she was shaving off her own hair,'' Tognozzi said.

The head shaving came the same day as reports that Spears, who has drawn criticism for her recent partying and sloppy behavior, had briefly checked into rehab.

Larry Rudolph, Spears' manager, couldn't be reached for comment.