Abston Lawyer Speaks Out

Friday, November 17th 2006, 9:12 pm
By: News On 6

David Abston is a skating rink owner facing charges of distributing child pornography.

Abston skipped out of his first appearance in federal court. But, after being captured, he was before a judge to face the allegations Friday.

News on 6 anchor Craig Day was in court as Abston entered his plea.

Abston plead not guilty to those child pornography charges. His attorney also talked to reporters and had a lot of interesting things to say about coverage of the case, his client and the unsettling allegations swirling around David Abston.

Shortly after David Abston pled not guilty in federal court to child pornography distribution charges, his attorney addressed reporters.

"Let me tell you this. He did not knowingly transfer any image of child pornography to any person. None. Zero," said Attorney Keith Ward.

David Abston skipped out on his first federal court appearance Wednesday. He was taken into custody by Bixby Police after movie theater employees recognized him and called police.

Abston's attorney, Keith Ward, says he believes news coverage has been unfair to Abston. And that he wants to bring balance to the story, a story many people consider unsettling.

"What would you all call a man who gave money to charity? What would you call a person, who dug into his own pocket and provided college funds for children, for no motive other than benevolence? You might call that person a philanthropist. That's what Dave Abston really is in his personal life," Ward said.

But, many wonder why Abston didn't first appear in court when he was supposed to, to face the allegations.

"He was scared. I'm telling you what. He was scared. He was depressed. He was despondent. He absolutely did not want to come to court because he knew he was going to go to jail that afternoon," Abston’s attorney said.

Ward says Abston considered fleeing, and even considered killing himself, and says Abston planned to turn himself in Thursday night. He was arrested instead.

Abston will be in federal court next week for another hearing. That one will determine whether he'll remain locked up.