Families Speak Out

Friday, November 17th 2006, 10:57 am
By: News On 6

The case against accused child pornographer David Abston is growing. Investigators now believe there may be as many as 20 victims from Tulsa and Broken Arrow, young boys police say Abston lured to his home, where he then took pictures of them, naked.

News on 6 reporter Heather Lewin has more.

Mothers of some of the possible victims say they felt comfortable letting their sons go to Abston's house because he has a son of his own. Police say Abston has no children, and the FBI is trying to track down the identity of that little boy.

One woman says Abston used that same lure ten years ago, that's why two boys in her family went to his home and their lives were changed forever.

"Mr. Abston was going to take the boys on a trip, spring break, to Disney World in Florida," said relative Janis McLain.

Ages 9 and 11, dealing with the death of their Dad, she says the two were eager to go with the man they thought of as a father figure.

"He had money and liked to spend it on boys that were having problems," McLain said.

McLain says the boys met Abston through another friend at school. They said sometimes he would come by and pick them all up for an afternoon of fun.

"He would take them out to arcades, out to eat. They were just wowed by him," said McLain.

But for McLain, the thought of him taking them on a trip raised red flags. She called police, who asked the kids some questions. Their answers were shocking.

"He sat in the bathroom when they showered, there was cameras. He had ‘em shower all the time because he was supposedly a clean freak," McLain said. "They said that he took pictures all the time."

The boys told police Abston gave them pills, that one woke up once in the middle of the night, "And he was beside the bed with a camera," said McLain.

Court documents detail what the two told police, leading them to search Abston's house on the grounds of Lewd molestation of a minor and showing obscene materials, but Abston was never charged.

The address on the search warrant? This same South Tulsa home police searched this week, 10 years later, after Abston was accused again.

McLain says at the time, the boys didn't know he was doing anything wrong, years later, she says they're still affected by what happened. "They did what they were supposed to and got kicked in the teeth. They went and talked they told everything and nothing was done."

When police searched Abston's home back in 1996 they didn't find any of the things the boys described. No charges were ever filed.

Family members say police told them Abston had packed up and moved to Florida before the search.