Friends React To Tulsa County Triple Murder

Friday, November 10th 2006, 6:16 pm
By: News On 6

Many people wonder how an argument over a property line could escalate so quickly into a deadly situation.

News on 6 anchor Craig Day says friends of the victims are in shock and disbelief over the sudden and tragic deaths.

Randy and Katrina Graham have a hard time understanding the tragedy that took a dear friends life.

Friend, Anthony Graham was one of three people shot and killed. "I just, I can't believe it. His wife has said it today. She's waiting to wake up. And that's kind of what we all are," said friend Randy Graham. "He was always easy going and friendly to everybody. I just can't imagine that somebody had a dispute with him that was so serious that it would cause him to take his life," said friend Katrina Graham.

Anthony Graham was the best man in their wedding. Randy had known him since grade school.

Tulsa County deputies say Howard Hawthorne shot and killed Anthony Graham, Joshua LeFort and Dewayne Goodwin then killed himself when deputies arrived.

Investigators say Hawthorne and Graham had a long running property dispute over a fence and Hawthorne shot the three men as they were pulling up the fence.

"To take three people's lives. And his own. In an instant. He had to have been at the end of his rope," Katrina said. "The guy snapped," said Randy.

The Graham's say their friend was a good man who loved his family. A person who never had a cross word to say about anyone. That makes the entire ordeal even more difficult to comprehend. "All Anthony wanted to do was put a fence up, tear down one that looked like Crap and put one up that was a decent, functional fence. That's it. That's all he wanted," said Katrina. "Don't understand it at all. Don't understand any of it. It's so senseless," Randy said.

The News on 6 spoke with a couple of land surveyors who say people in that industry can't believe what happened, and that a property dispute led to such a tragedy.

They say they’re seeing more arguments between property owners. But, most of the time the disagreements are worked out by the landowners, or in civil court.