Tulsa's Golden Driller Honored

Wednesday, October 25th 2006, 10:10 am
By: News On 6

People enter contests and sweepstakes all the time. Of course, most will never win, but it's fun to dream. Well, the dream came true for a Broken Arrow woman Wednesday morning.

As News on 6 reporter Rick Wells explains, she nominated the Golden Driller as one of America's top ten quirky destinations and won.

Armed with balloons and a camera crew and a very big check, a crew headed for Judy McCurdy's front porch. "Oh my gosh, I won. I'm Judy McCurdy, can I kiss you." Judy is Cottonelle's big winner in the Puppy Tracks contest.

The Cottonelle folks picked 9 quirky destinations around the country they thought the puppy would like to see. They asked the public to nominate a tenth; Judy nominated the Golden Driller out front of Expo Square. "He's a big tall guy standing there for years being' quirky. Everybody in Tulsa loves him."

Other folks too I guess, cause the Driller got more on-line votes than any other quirky hot spot. David Ferman with Cottonelle: "Judy was up against the worlds, a couple of other location across the country like the worlds largest ball of twine in Kansas and the world toilet museum.”

Places like the double-decker outhouse over in Arkansas and the world's biggest chair in Alabama. All those places sound terrific, but the Driller won. "I just thought he'd be the perfect thing right here in the middle of America."

So Judy you nominated a winner were you surprised? "I'm surprised, you wanna see surprised, Yes, I'm very, very surprised."

The Grand Prize is an international trip for two worth more than $90,000. So Judy McCurdy you won the big trip, the grand prize what are you gonna do now? "I'm so excited, I gonna go out and buy toilet paper like crazy." Cottonelle, they hope.