Tulsa Police Honor A Citizen Crime Fighter

Wednesday, October 25th 2006, 10:08 am
By: News On 6

Tulsa Police honor a citizen crime fighter in one of the city's biggest cases.

Detectives say one man's diligence was instrumental in the arrest of Gary Graham, who's a suspect in dozens of Tulsa rape cases over the past four years. Graham says he's innocent, but he's in the Tulsa County jail and will stand trial on 44 charges, thanks to the help of a concerned citizen.

News on 6 reporter Joshua Brakhage says Kurt Bickle has been working as a volunteer with the police department for 10 years. He collaborated with detectives on murders and cold cases, but says the serial rape investigation has been his most rewarding to date.

By day, Kurt works with the Indian Nations Council of Governments as the head of their mapping and graphics department. He put those skills to use by creating maps and charts of the serial rape suspect's victims, locations, and whereabouts. Detectives say Kurt was a human computer, and would use his encyclopedic knowledge to put the pieces of the case together.

"We would go to the locations, the actual crime scenes. I could point things out, I could show them - this is the window or door where they came in. So it was easy for me, and they came up to speed quickly that way."

Kurt, of course, did his best to give credit to the detectives on the case.