Nathan Cosby Day In Barnsdall

Wednesday, October 11th 2006, 10:36 am
By: News On 6

Wednesday was Nathan Cosby Day in Barnsdall.

Nathan is an 8th grader there who is waging a battle with a rare form of cancer. News on 6 reporter Rick Wells went to Osage County for Nathan's big day, and came back with a story about a tiny town with a mighty big heart.

They are blowing up balloons for a release later to celebrate Nathan Cosby Day. Barnsdall school superintendent Rick Loggins is doing the inflating. They are blowing up balloons for a big release later to and teachers are gathering balloons for their classes. Nathan Cosby is a Barnsdall 8th grader. He has a rare form of cancer.

We sat down with him, his parents and some friends in the wrestling room. "I like being over here cause this is where I spend most of my time with my friends." Nathan's been wrestling since he was 4. He was junior state champ in elementary school.

Right now he's wrestling with a cancer called malignant hystiocytosis. The cure his doctors say is a bone marrow transplant.

While he waits, he's taking chemotherapy and doing reasonably well. Nathan’s mom Leah Cosby: "He has come so far he is in such a good place right now." But he told me the worst part of this cancer thing so far is not the chemo. “Not being able to ride my four wheeler." Not until Wednesday anyway. He got special permission to ride his four wheeler to school, from class to class, up and down the street and wherever he wants, it is his day.

The celebration was also a fund raiser. I'm sure you noticed everyone wearing these special T-shirts. They sold almost 500 of them; most of the money went to the family to help with expenses.

The balloon release was all about support and prayers and love. "One, two, three. We love you Nathan." The bone marrow transplant will take place in Houston. That will require a 3 to 4 month stay in the hospital down there.

There is a website with even more information.