Oklahoma Marine Comes Home To A Family's Welcome

Saturday, September 2nd 2006, 6:10 pm
By: News On 6

Travis Richardson put everything on hold - including college - when he felt the calling to join the Marines after 9-11.

After two tours of duty in Iraq, News on 6 reporter Joshua Brakhage found this Marine is back on the homefront, hopefully for good.

It may be the only thing that could bring OSU, OU and Texas fans together. Marine Travis Richardson is back after two tours of duty in Iraq. But it's not the rivalries, but the recipes that make this day special.

Mike Richardson: "Got a little bit of everything in there."

Travis's dad Mike has been slaving over his smoker since before dawn. His roast beef just falls apart. "Smoked it for 3 and a half hours, then finished cooking it."

While they wait, folks munch on chips and salsa, the salsa made by the man of the hour.

Travis Richardson: "I made a case and a half of salsa this morning"

Travis started working on the family favorite at 4 am. His grandparents have catered to his culinary capabilities. "My grandparents owned a catering business, and I learned everything from them."

Linda Richardson: "He likes to cook, he likes to EAT, but he just likes when all the family's together and he's always like that ever since he was little."

Granddad Butch was in the service, too. He and his wife Linda shared their smoky secrets with their son and grandson. But taught them no meal could be complete without a family to share it with. "Just having him home, having him back. And you feel like a whole family again."

All the more reasons to celebrate the most important things in Marines life: food, family and freedom.