Baby Bee Safe

Tuesday, August 30th 2005, 10:19 am
By: News On 6

More than 30 children die each year as the result of being left alone in vehicles. A Sapulpa couple created a simple device designed to help prevent those deaths.

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells says Baby Bee Safe, is a simple little system designed to remind the user of something very important. Terry Boyne: "Life has gotten way too hectic; this is just a way of helping us to remember the things most important to us." The baby, Terry and Laurie Boyne have five beautiful kids. They've never left one in a locked car, but they know it happens.

In fact, a news story about one of those incidents a couple of years ago start them on the way to this new product. Terry Boyne: "We spent almost 2 years developing it. We've been through a lot of prototypes." They developed something very simple to operate, when the baby's not in the car seat it just hangs on the handle. Laurie Boyne: "Just snap it off, and attach it to your key chain. It's all very one handed and very easy to do."

The tag is too big to ignore, but made out of cardboard so not heavy enough to hurt anyone, very low tech and that's what they wanted. Laurie Boyne: "On the baby's car seat when she's not in it on the key chain when she is."

You'll find Baby Bee Safe near the cash register in stores selling it and the local hospitals are considering including it in their new born packets. There is a question on each side of the card, Where's the baby?” That’s really all you need to know, you've done that you've solved the problem.” We can hope.

Baby Bee Safe is on sale now in several stores in the Tulsa area for about $5. If you'd like more information, give them a call at 918-224-1104. You can also send an email to