Tulsa man helps you enjoy Las Vegas in style

Tuesday, August 23rd 2005, 10:30 am
By: News On 6

Las Vegas is a long way from Tulsa and a tough commute if you made your living there. Tulsan David Nigh does. He makes his living in Las Vegas, but works out of his Tulsa home. He's something called a VIP casino host and News on 6 reporter Rick Wells has his story.

Most casual gamblers play a little here and a little there, some slots, some cards, and its fun. Then there are serious high rollers with more money, for them it's more expensive fun and they might seek out someone like David Nigh. “Most people who live in Tulsa and gamble high, I take care of them."

He's a VIP casino host. He's like a personal concierge or cruise director, he sets things up for his clients "You wanna keep these people happy with you, you wanna get them the best show tickets the best fight tickets."

He gets them rooms and meals. He gets paid by the hotels and casinos they spend money in, paid out of something called a theoretical loss. "A mathematical calculation, the casinos have come up with which says if you are betting a hundred dollars a hand and you play for four hours a day you should lose X amount of dollars." He gets paid a percentage of that theoretical loss and it's not like he works for one person at a time. "Last weekend I had 16 players in Las Vegas."

Sometimes he says he's got two cell phones and a fax machine going at once. He grew up in Tulsa, worked in Vegas after college, and moved back here because he likes living here. Tulsa has a lot of Las Vegas traffic and he can help his clients from his Tulsa home. "I really like Cherokee for Tulsa it's a first class operation."

He says the casinos in Tulsa are coming, and in an age of higher airline tickets and fuel prices some of that Vegas money might decide to stay right here.

David Nigh has a web site with more information on how he works and what he does.