Cool new frozen treats at Eskimo Quinn's

Friday, August 12th 2005, 3:12 pm
By: News On 6

There's nothing like a frozen treat on a hot day like today to cool you off and make you feel better.

And there is nothing anywhere else like the frozen treats News on 6 reporter Rick Wells found at a place called Eskimo Quinn's.

Randy Gillin has something that might take the edge off that hot temperature, frozen fruit filled with ice cream.

He also makes his own watermelon and cantelope ice cream to put into melon halves. He's got coconut shells filled with coconut ice cream and frozen apples too.

People are curious about it. While we were there, many stopped and looked.

This project all started about a year ago. He saw some frozen oranges filled with sherbet at a grocery store. Hebought some and started experimenting with other fruit like pineapple.

Then they go back in the freezer, and he's got a freezer full of them. He experimented with lots of possibilities not all of them worked... like avacado.

Randy Gillin: "Avacado was good, but you gotta like avacado."

Not enough people did. His biggest seller is not fruit but a vanila ice cream bar covered in that special stuff that hardens on ice cream.

It comes in chocolate and 10 other flavors. Once the first one sets you can drizzle on another then add sprinkles or peanuts. In the end you got sort of an edible art project.

The location in Promenade mall is only temporary. Eskimo Quinn's will move out soon and head for Oklahoma State Fair in Oklahoma City and the Tulsa State Fair here in Tulsa.