The poop on the guy with the scoop

Thursday, March 2nd 2006, 10:17 am
By: News On 6

You've heard the expression "it's a dirty job, but someone has to do it." If you have a dog you probably know what dirty job we're talking about.

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells has found a guy who'll do the picking up for you and has the poop on the guy with the scoop.

Curt Gilling is a professional pooper scooper. Picking up what others leave behind. He's starting his fifth year in business and has a nice new truck. T-shirts with the business name on the back. Rick Wells: "You look successful." Curt Gilling: “Two motorcycles too." Rick Wells: "So it's working?" Curt Gilling: "Workin' for me."

He says a friend suggested he start doing this for a little extra money. Curt Gilling: "I laughed at first, and then I said, it's not a bad idea." Did a little Internet research, and started his own business. Curt Gilling: "People ask me how business is, I says it's pickin' up."

He travels from backyard to backyard, after each stop he treats his gear, the boots, the rake and the scoop. It's a special disinfectant, prevents spreading anything from one yard to the next. Sometimes the dogs are outside sometimes not but he's never been bitten. He charges by the week and by the dog.

The truck's got all the info you need, pretty much of a chick magnet. Curt Gilling: "Helps me get dates." Rick Wells: "Does it really?" Curt Gilling: "No." But the work is steady. Every yard's different, finding the targets, kind of a game. Curt Gilling:"They have their spots they like to go, every once in a while they put one where you don't expect it." He finds them, guess that makes him number one in the number two business.

Curt Gilling is a member of a professional group call the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists. He also has a website.