Identity theft warning issued

Thursday, February 16th 2006, 6:10 am
By: News On 6

There's a new way to steal your identity.

It's called jury duty scam, and here's how it works. The scammers call you and tell you because you missed jury duty, there's a warrant for your arrest. They ask for your social security number and date of birth to clear up the matter. It's all a lie just to steal your identity.

The truth is, jurors are only summoned by mail. If you miss your court date, you'll receive another letter, not phone calls. The court does NOT need your private information.

Tulsa County jury clerk Ute Davis: "I never get a social security number."

News on 6 reporter Lori Fullbright: "You don't ask for a credit card number?"

Ute Davis: "No. I have some people offer me their social security number for verification, but, I tell them no, I don't need it and don't want it."

Authorities say do not give your confidential information over the phone to anyone who calls, no matter who they say they are.