Library researchers still needed

Wednesday, February 8th 2006, 10:21 am
By: News On 6

With all the Internet research sites available on the computer these days, does anyone still use the public library?

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells suggested that to the library research department recently and they straightened him out in a hurry. I just figured with all the Googling going on, the research folks at the library, might be feeling a little neglected. Well, they’re not.

Suanne Wymer: "With Google and Yahoo if you put in a search for cancer for example, you’re gonna get a million hits." Then you've got to wade through all of that to find what you really needed. "Sometimes you just want the simple answer, and you want someone to tell you." They can do that.

Cardell Johnson is looking up something for a class at TCC. He's got a computer at home but he comes down here. "I know I can find what I'm looking for very easily, especially with the help from the staff that's here."

They get thousands of calls; here is one looking for real estate information.

Need to research one of our many treaties with the Indians, like the 1819 treaty with the Kickapoo? Fixing up the family car, need an old manual? Terri Combs: "We have things going back to the 50's 40's 60's older cars."

Lord of the Rings fans might want to peruse the Atlas of Middle Earth. A recent caller asked for a list of neutral countries in the Iraq war. They found them. Here's something really random, the annual book of standards, and a whole page on roofing nails. Tells you all the different sizes and how they make 'em. Google that if you can.

The Tulsa Public Library subscribes to more than 80 online databases. Many of them we can access free on their website.