Dog attack victim back home

Friday, February 3rd 2006, 9:49 am
By: News On 6

A 2-year-old Delaware County girl who wandered into a neighbor's yard and was viciously attacked by a pit bull is out of the hospital.

The News on 6 first told you about the attack last week, now the family shares some good news with News on 6 reporter Heather Lewin in the town of Kansas, Oklahoma.

Cianna Crittenden still bears scars from the attack, but watching her laugh and play, she seems like a happy, healthy 2-year old. After pulling her, bloody, from the jaws of a pit bull, this is something her parents thought they might never see again. Stephanie Crittenden: "She's still the same, normal, energetic; she's back to her energetic self."

After plastic surgery and physical therapy Cianna is left with some weakness on her right side because the dog's teeth went so deep into her neck. But doctors expect her to recover and her mom knows it could've been much worse. "The loss of her right arm, and her face that it would just droop, but I try not to think if that as much, I'm just thankful she's able to run and play."

A fire just days before the attack left the Crittenden family homeless. The day Cianna left the hospital, remarkably recovered; they got even more good news. "Oh yes! We have a home; it's a three bedroom trailer." Relatives helped get them a new place and donations from the public are piling up.

After all that's happened, the Crittenden's are grateful for what they still have. Stephanie says she draws strength from her daughter. "She always makes me feel like everything's gonna be okay, and I trust her. She had a hand watching over her. I try not to think of bad things, I'm just thankful she's here."

The dog was chained to a tree, but Cianna simply came too close. The owner is having the animal destroyed. Cianna's family wants pit bulls banned in the city limits.