Sand Springs school's daily newscast

Thursday, January 26th 2006, 10:09 am
By: News On 6

It's always on a school's wish list, more technology for the classroom. One Sand Springs elementary school applied for a technology grant and landed almost $80,000. Now their school is decked out with some high tech gadgets and their students are using some of them to bring their school the news.

News on 6 reporter Ashli Sims has more on some of the newest TV newscasters in town. “Good morning Angus valley, today is Thursday, January 26th; we’re coming to you live from channel 9 WAVE. I am RL Barker and I'm Taylor Long."

The News on 6 might have some new competition in the news business.

The new studio is housed in Sand Springs' Angus Valley Elementary School, paid for with a grant from the Oklahoma Education Technology Trust. 5th grader Shelby Ellenburg: "I think its fun being here and being on TV and the whole school seeing you on TV.”

They're working in front and behind the camera. The shows are complete with special guests, special reports on must-have library books, a preview of the cafeteria cuisine and even the weather. These anchors take their jobs seriously. 5th grader RL Barker: "now I'm learning I have to have nice shirts; have to look nice. So I'm having my mom ironing shirts left and right, so I can stay in the dress code."

Angus Valley's technology grant introduced 20 kids to the world of television and through the camera's lens it's also opened their eyes to a professional career in journalism. Angus Valley’s medial specialist Sheryl Lester: "to be able to speak in front of people that's very important to have the confidence to go for their career to not be afraid of it, to reach for the stars."

And they're getting a taste of the star treatment. Some have become mini-celebrities among their classmates. 5th grader Taylor Long: "they say you did really good today." A thumbs up from viewers and a secure time slot, they're going to give the big stations a run for their money.

Angus Valley's television program is a privilege. Students have to earn a spot on the news team by making good grades, having good attendance and staying out of trouble.