' Thank You' letter written to Claremore area firefighters

Wednesday, January 4th 2006, 10:56 am
By: News On 6

Firefighters have been working over-time battling wildfires all over Green Country. Long hours, smoky conditions, back-breaking work, often it's a thankless job, but one Claremore 6th grader wanted to make her gratitude known.

News on 6 reporter Ashli Sims sat down with the 11 year old to find out why. The world through the eyes of an 11 year old is pretty simple. For Alexis Golden, that means working hard at school on her long division and playing hard at home with her horse, Buster. But the day after Christmas, her world was shaken. "My dad looked to the right and he saw the fire and it was already looking kinda orange. You didn't really see the flames just the smoke you couldn’t see 20 feet in front of you cause it was really black."

The fire was headed straight for Alexis' house. Luckily firefighters were able to stop it in its tracks. Once the flames were out and the smoke cleared. Alexis Golden had an idea. "I was so very scared and so was my best friend, Zoe. We were panicking.”

Alexis and her friend Zoe wrote a letter, thanking the firefighters. "I dunno, I just like to thank people for doing things. Cause I wasn't thinking many people would do that. And I wanted to thank fire fighters for doing it cause my house could have burned down and my neighbors weren't home and they had three horses too.”

Alexis’ dad Greg Golden: "I'm very proud of her to do that, not just to be grateful that everything is ok, but she took it a step further to thank the people that made it happen."

Alexis Golden: "thank you so much for saving our lives, firefighters. Sincerely Alexis Golden and Zoe Book. Merry Christmas."

A simple message, but an important one for folks who have worked so hard over the past few weeks to keep us all safe.

Alexis Golden and her friend Zoe Book also called the fire stations to say thank you.