Wet, Wild and Wacky in Sand Springs

Thursday, December 22nd 2005, 10:03 am
By: News On 6

Christmas is just days away, and you're not ready. Now the kids are home from school. What's Mom or Dad to do?

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells stumbled on to a solution in Sand Springs. It was a Wet, Wacky Winter Wonderland.

Some kids are having a ball while their parents are shopping or doing whatever parents do right before Christmas.

Chandler Park is hosting the event and Pat Ward is with Chandler Park and says for the kids it's all about fun. “They can do fun competing stuff like noodle races, they'll do who can jump the farthest, who can retrieve from the bottom the fastest.”

Emilee Brown is on the park Kids Council and is helping. "I'm helping with the games and volunteering. I volunteered and made lunch for the kids." Among the games she's helping with, diving for rings.

11 year old Catalina Rodriguez is in the middle of accumulating some of those rings. Her parents are out shopping for her she hopes. "Well, I don't know I hope they are buying a cell phone for me." And a small safe, so she can lock up her diary, keep it away from her brothers. Anyway it'll be something good.

The event lasted from 10 in the morning until mid afternoon. Lots of fun for everyone.
The old man himself even showed up.

This was a one day event, but there will be another one next year. So mark your calendars and contact the Tulsa County Parks Department.