Injured soldiers in Hawaii get an Oklahoma Christmas surprise

Wednesday, December 21st 2005, 10:41 am
By: News On 6

Wounded soldiers half-a world away got a Christmas surprise from Green Country! Even though they're resting at an Army hospital in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Tulsa's Blue Star Mothers brought a special delivery of Christmas cheer.

News on 6 anchor Scott Thompson takes us from the homefront to Hawaii, just in time for the holidays.

It’s a special delivery straight from the heartland to the beaches of Honolulu.

Lynn Mushenski: "Everyone got one down this row?"
Soldiers: "Yes, ma'am."
Lynn Mushenski: "Everyone got one here?

Lynn Mushenski is a charter member of Tulsa's Blue Star Mothers. She's in Hawaii to visit her son - who's in the Navy there. Lynn knew her trip wouldn't be complete without sharing the Christmas spirit with wounded soldiers, recovering at an Army hospital. "What better time to spread what the Blue Star Mothers do, than to come and visit the wounded and thank them personally."

They're used to being on a battlefield, where there were more missiles launched, than mugs. Audrey Bocock worked as a medic in Iraq. Now, she's the one being treated. Audrey says it's hard to spend so much time, so far away from family. "You get lonely real easy. You get lonely real easy, and you start to feel like life is moving on without you back at home and things are just changing and shifting and kids are growing older, it gets - you know - kinda stressful after a while."

For Lynn Mushenski, she's just doing what Blue Star Mothers do best, sharing her pride for our fighting men and women and sharing some sweets even better than candy with those willing to risk it all.

Along with the mugs, candy, and some snowflake Christmas ornaments, Lynn also brought a check from Tulsa's Blue Star Mothers to take care of any of the soldier's immediate needs.