Purse snatch warning issued

Friday, December 9th 2005, 2:42 pm
By: News On 6

Protecting what could be your most valuable possession. Tulsa Police say this time of year, more than any other, is the season for purse snatchings.

News on 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright explains about the top three most common ways your purse can be stolen and how you can protect it. First and no doubt, the most dangerous, purse snatchings. Those happen when someone sneaks up behind or runs up next to you and grabs your purse right off your shoulder or out of your hands and takes off. They can break your arm, dislocate your shoulder or knock you to the ground if you try to fight back.

Carry your purse correctly, close to the body with a sold grip, so they become a hard target and then, those who carry them without being on full alert.

Next, is distraction, which happens to lots of people who are shopping for presents and groceries this time of year. A countless number of people put their purse into their shopping basket, and then walk away from it whenever they see a deal or an item that gets their attention. A thief could steal dozens of purses at any given store, on any given day.

Tulsa Police say they're seeing a large number of these crimes reported in the past week in the Tulsa area.

Finally, disguise. This is not as common as the first two, but does occur. You sit your purse on the counter while you're paying and someone comes along with a box or package that has a false bottom. They put the package over the purse and walk away, with few people the wiser and you frantically searching for your money and identity.

Always keep a hand or elbow on your purse or hang it around your neck, to make sure it stays put.

Two final tips, don't carry your social security card in your purse and make copy the front and back of all the important cards in your purse, so if it is stolen, you know immediately who to contact.