If it is still green, water it

Tuesday, November 8th 2005, 11:14 am
By: News On 6

The weather guys say we are experiencing record warm temperatures right now. Even when it cools off, the temperature will be above normal.

Warm windy weather in the fall means grass fire season for folks in the country, but for city folks like the News on 6's Rick Wells it's a whole different set of problems.

Ah, the sounds of the season, golf in early November is not that unusual, but so many people out at the golf course in shorts are more like summer time. All the leaves blowing around is a dead giveaway, its fall and a great day for golf.

At LaFortune Park, the summer flowers and plants seem to be doing well. Flowers still blooming. With this warm weather, it makes you think all this could be a problem around the yard with a lot of stuff starting to go dormant. They're not going to start coming back because of all this warm weather? Joe Schulte with Southwood Landscape and Nursery: "No, they really won’t. They're gonna continue to go dormant and come back in the spring just like they always do."

Most of the trees will drop their leaves and sleep through the winter, but not all. "Many of the broad leaf evergreens, the magnolias, the hollies, the azaleas, that have foliage year round they need the moisture cause they never go completely dormant."

So he says it important to continue regular watering and as for planting new things the rule is pretty simple. "If the ground's not frozen you can plant in Tulsa."

In the meantime, wonderful weather for golf.