My Dark Night of Terror

Friday, October 28th 2005, 10:22 am
By: News On 6

A night of terror becomes a book of healing. One of Tulsa County's most vicious rape cases is now the subject of a book that is being sold on-line.

Penny Stuckey says writing the book about her experience has helped her lose the fear and hopelessness, and she hopes it will do the same for others. News on 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright says Penny Stuckey had only been married to her husband Chuck, two months, in 1993 when she got lost on her way home to Sand Springs from the Tulsa airport. Three men rammed her car from behind and when she pulled over, they spent hours, taking turns raping her, in their car and in her home, before she secretly dialed 911.

All of it is detailed in her new book. "But I heard the real voice of the policeman saying, you're safe now, madam, I'm going to call you an ambulance. I felt a miracle occurred. After more than four and a half hours of hell, I felt rescued."

Two of the rapists were caught and after Penny testified against them, a jury gave Darren Anderson 11,250 years in prison and Alan McClarurin, 21,250. She's found a way to release the hate, depression and hopelessness. "I had to learn how to forgive. I forgave them and I had to forgive myself because for a long time, I blamed myself and there are a lot of women out there hurting, who don't need to feel that way."

The third rapist has never been caught and the statute of limitations has expired, so Penny is working to change that law. She hopes her story will help others, as getting it down on paper, helped her. “To get it out, it did hurt, sometimes I had nightmares, I'd see a car or house or smell and it would trigger a memory, but, I knew I had to get through this and it would help and it did."

Penny credits her faith with her not only surviving her ordeal, but thriving and that's her message for others.

You can buy the book on-line for $17. It should be in bookstores by mid-December.