New Security Measures At Tulsa's International Airport Create Delays

Thursday, August 10th 2006, 10:50 am
By: News On 6

With this latest terrorism threat, travelers at Tulsa International Airport have been experiencing delays Thursday. New security regulations went into effect early Thursday morning, catching many passengers off guard.

News on 6 reporter Jennifer Loren says there were delays coming and going at TIA on Thursday. Most of those delays are a direct result of the extra security measures.

The terror threat is orange, but you don't need a sign to tell you that at the Tulsa International Airport. Bomb-sniffing dogs were on alert as passengers waited for delayed flights.

Extra security measures had passengers rearranging their belongings. Rick Muhleman: "So the line seemed to move at a snail's pace. It was pandemonium." Passengers are no longer allowed to carry-on any liquids or gels. If possible, airline employees are having passengers put those items into their checked luggage.

Molly Colvard was headed to Orlando to compete in a beauty pageant. She and her small entourage had seven bags to rearrange. "Well my entire carry-on was full of all my shower stuff, all of my makeup and everything. So I had to completely rearrange my carry on bag."

But right now there are a lot of other items you may not have thought of that will not be allowed in carry-ons. A lot of makeup items like lip gloss, lipstick and even mascara. Passenger Jill Verhalen: "But I had a razor and I said do I need to throw out the razor? They said no the razor's fine. You can keep the razor. But you can't have the lipstick."

Tulsa International Airport director Jeff Mulder says he doesn't think the ban on small items like makeup will be permanent. "I think as they sort this threat out, that may change at some point." But until then he says be prepared and expect delays.

Advice that is not welcome to frequent flyers. Mike Goins: "I do quite a bit of flying. So it makes me wonder if I should change professions."

There are some liquids you can pack in your carry-on bags. You may have baby formula, breast milk, and juice for a child, prescription medicine, insulin and other non-prescription medicines.

Airport officials suggest getting to the airport about two hours before your scheduled flight and unfortunately, expect some delays.