Local Marine Says The Country Is Different

Sunday, June 4th 2006, 4:55 pm
By: News On 6

The past couple of weeks, the Marine Corps has been embroiled in controversy because of the alleged killings of unarmed Iraqis. We first introduced you to Andy Eubanks back in 2004, when he was a fresh out of boot camp. Now, he's just 21 years old and already a war veteran two times over. He's seen some of the most intense battles in Iraq.

But his family tells News on 6 reporter Ashli Sims their war hero isn't feeling support from the homefront.

Don Eubanks can't talk about his oldest son Andy without practically bursting with pride.
“Oh, big time, he's my hero."

The boy who said he always wanted to be in the military has grown up to be a combat-tested Marine. He was there when they invaded Fallujah.

Don Eubanks: “that was the probably the worst three and half weeks of our family’s life."

At 21, Andy has served two tours of duty in Iraq. His family says he's been shot at by insurgents, he's taken down those responsible for kidnappings, and he's watched friends die. His family was afraid Andy might be forever changed.

Don Eubanks: “first couple of days was getting adjusted to taking it easy but after a couple of days he was back to the same old Andy."

Andy's the same but he tells his family, the country is different. And he can tell just by putting on his uniform.

Diana Eubanks: "He goes the first time I came home from my first deployment when I had these on people would say thank you, bless you thank you for serving our country. I put it on this time and nobody says anything they just turn around and walk away."

The Eubanks family says they don't think the American people are getting an accurate picture of what's going on in Iraq. They don't think enough is said about the good things that Marines like Andy are doing. They say Andy has no regrets and they wish everyone could be as proud of him as they are.

Don Eubanks: “I'd always told em that, yeah we're real proud of em."

Lance Corporal Andy Eubanks is back at Camp Pendleton in California for more training. But he's not scheduled to go back to Iraq instead he probably will be deployed to an aircraft carrier in the South Pacific.