Mother Accused Of Abusing 3-Year-Old Daughter Booked In Jail

Saturday, February 29th 2020, 9:22 pm

News on 6 was at the Rogers County jail Saturday as a mother accused of using a shock collar on her three-year-old daughter was booked.

Jeanette Wilson was silent as she walked in the jail while our crews asked her about the charges she faces.

Her boyfriend was also arrested and charged with kidnapping and child abuse in Rogers County.

Investigators said she had been in the hospital with her three-year-old daughter.

Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton said Wilson originally claimed her boyfriend, Gus Pennington, held her and her daughter both hostage for six days and shocked her daughter to keep Wilson from leaving their home.

Walton said their office's recent investigation tells a different story.

"When we ran search warrants on the residence and four of the electronics that we recovered, and that showed clear communications between the mother of this child and Gus Pennington and they communicated about this abuse as it continued," Walton said. "What's even more alarming is the mother made statements that he was the man of the house and she trusted his judgement," Walton said.  

The arrest affidavit said investigators observed severe bruising, contusions and welts on the child's body and burns on her neck.

The report said the couple texted about how intense the shock collar should be.

Investigators said the couple's reason for the shocking was they wanted to teach her the ABC's and "re-wire her brain."

"This isn't discipline, it’s outright torture. It’s nothing but torture," Walton said.

The report said Wilson confessed she left the house multiple times and did not ask for help. 

"We all think that paternal instincts are always present and this maybe proves that theory to be all wrong," Walton said.  

Wilson was booked into jail for two felony counts of child abuse and neglect.

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