Pharmacists Prepare For Coronavirus, Offer Advice

Wednesday, March 4th 2020, 5:30 am

Pharmacists are preparing for any potential cases of the novel coronavirus in northeastern Oklahoma.

Several pharmacists in the Tulsa metro said they're constantly getting calls from people asking what they can do to avoid the novel coronavirus.

Most drug stores are also out of masks, and that includes Collinsville Family Pharmacy. Owner Colton Turnbull said they're getting on average 25 phone calls a day asking if they can buy a mask, which is a large number for a small town pharmacy.

Turnbull said you'll only need one if you actually have the virus; otherwise, it's best to start preparing your immune system through Vitamin C or different supplements.

Turnbull also warned people to be careful where you're getting your information from.

"Don't always trust Facebook; don't always trust these sites. Make sure it's from a credible source like the CDC or the World Health Organization. Something that's got a lot of backing" said Turnbull. 

Turnbull said they've stocked up on zinc and elderberry, which will help boost your immune system and fight off illnesses, along with washing and sanitizing your hands.

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