Why Having The Right Knife Sharpener Can Be Handy Tool in Your Arsenal

Monday, September 2nd 2019, 9:51 pm
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Have you ever bought new knives because yours were dull and you were fed up? While you may think it’s a big effort to sharpen your knives to reuse them, you’d find it surprising that it’s almost effortless. Even taking the knives to a professional to sharpen them is time-consuming and expensive.

With the right knife sharpener, you can save tons of money by keeping the knives you have and sharpening them yourself. Here are some of the best benefits of doing your own knife sharpening.

Cut Prep Time (Pun Intended)

In the kitchen, you’re often rushed to get through dinner prep and start the cooking process. After a long day at work, or even a long day at home, the last thing you want to deal with is a dull knife that makes sawing through meat or tough veggies a chore.

Save Your Fingers

Blunt knives mean your hands have to work harder to get through the material you’re cutting. That, in turn, means your fingers develop blisters a lot faster than they would if your knife was sharp and slicing swiftly through the job. It also means that when you push hard on the knife, you’ll have a greater chance of using too much force, slipping, and cutting yourself.

When you use sharp knives for everyday tasks, you’re less likely to sustain injuries.

Save Money

While you have to invest a little more of your hard-earned dollars when you buy the sharpener itself, it’s sure to be less money than you’d spend buying all new knives or taking the set to a professional. Whether you get one that’s on the cheaper side around $300 or the expensive side (more like $1000), you’ll still spend less over time. You’ll also be able to have sharper knives more often, because you won’t have to pay every time the knives start to get a little bit dull.

You’ll may even save money on urgent care bills when you skip getting stitches because you cut yourself on a dull knife (or at the very least, save money on band-aids).

You Have Knife Sharpener Choices

If you’ve only ever seen an old-fashioned rotating whetstone, you’re getting the wrong idea. Some sharpeners are pocket-sized, and some are electric. Others have an anchor and two whetstone pieces that work together like the Wicked Edge knife sharpener.

Whatever type you choose, make sure that it’s safe for you and that it does the job well. It’s worth it to invest a little extra in a non-standard sharpener that gets results.

Stay Happy

When you’re already tired at the end of the day, it’s easy to be grumpy with your family. Add to that a horrible knife that doesn’t like to cut anything, and by the time dinner is ready you’ll be way past hangry. If you use sharp knives, the cooking process will go much smoother and you’ll be a nicer person when you sit down to the meal.

Sharpen Your Own Knives

The smartest decision is to spend a little extra money to save a lot. When you buy a knife sharpener, you can maintain a sharp edge on your knives yourself, without adding an errand to your list or a complicated task to your other host of chores.

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