Plants over Pets? A Trend for the Modern World

Saturday, May 18th 2019, 9:25 pm
By: News On 6

According to a study recently done by The Economist about how today’s young people are spending their time and money, the number of households that contain indoor plants, particularly in lieu of having pets, has skyrocketed in the past decade. When you take a closer look at the kinds of lives people are living, this shift does make a lot of sense, and a ton of different factors play into it.

After all, people’s lifestyles are changing. In today’s society a higher number of people than ever are living in apartments and other types of terraced housing that have restrictions on owning certain kinds of pets. This restriction creates the need for an alternative form of home companionship besides pets, and plants fill that role perfectly. On top of this, there’s a rising attitude trend among young adults towards wanting to stay independent for longer before settling down. This drive for a more independent lifestyle often makes the comparatively low-impact world of raising plants a far more attractive option for younger people than taking a puppy or kitten under their wing.

The reason people love pets so much is because they’re our companions. They make us happy when they’re around and they help give us a sense of responsibility and purpose. For people who fall into either or both of the lifestyles, plants aren’t all that different from traditional pets, except that they offer much more individual flexibility.

The cultural shift towards becoming more eco-conscious and pushing to go green means that people have been trying hard to reduce their damage to the environment and to help rebuild it in any way they can. Fostering plant growth is a great way to get started fighting back in this way. This compounds nicely with rising awareness of the benefits to health and happiness that having plants around affords. Whereas traditional pets breathe out carbon dioxide like we do, plants take that stuff in, along with a ton of harsh and unhealthy chemicals in the air, and turn it all into sweet, clean oxygen that works to heal our bodies and sharpen our minds. All of these factors mount to make the choice between a plant and a pet much more of a contest to some and a complete no-brainer for many. Indoor plants can fill all of the same roles as pets in your daily life, filling some roles even better than pets do, and they leave much less of a footprint both on your time and on the environment. It’s no surprise that so many people have been flocking to them as an alternative to pets.

And to make plants a little more people friendly (and vice versa), PLANTZ has paired its plants with an irrigation system that greatly extends the watering interval. It’s dubbed ‘PlantAssure’ and can be installed on any new plant ordered at or ordered separately for retrofitting plants from other sources. With PlantAssure, the plant literally does water itself.

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Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having both pets AND plants in your life, either. Just because you’ve got the room in your life for a pet doesn’t mean that having a plant is a bad idea. Some of our favorite stories come about when customers report that their family dog or cat has become enamored with their new plant! Take this customer, Andrea, for example. Her pups absolutely loved the Fiddle Leaf Figshe ordered from us, and she just had to report it in to us!

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