How to Get Around: 10 Best Transportation Options

Thursday, January 9th 2020, 3:35 pm
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Transportation Options

Did you know that 88% of Americans own a car? That makes America the second-highest country in the world for car ownership, the first was Italy according to the Pew Research Center survey.

However, if you’re new to a city you might not have your car with you or you might feel like you don’t need it due to the other modes of transportation available.

Keep reading to learn more about how to get around a new city and find a transportation option that suits you.

What Are the Best Ways to Get Around?

Depending on which city you’re in, there are a variety of different ways to get around. Whether you’re new to a city and want to explore your new home or you just want to find out what transport options there are for you in your current city, we have compiled a list of the best ways to get around.

1. On Foot

If you want to discover an area, one of the best ways you can do this is by going on foot. Walking around a new city can help you learn to navigate your way and find new places where you can try. Walking is also a great exercise and can help improve your physical health. However, if you want to get around a city because you need to go to work and it is many miles away, then walking might not be the best option.

2. Cycling

If your new year’s resolution is to lose some weight then another great way you can get around a city whilst improving your health is by bike. Cycling can help you get from A to B much quicker than walking and you get to enjoy the outdoors and the fresh air. If you want to cycle to work, make sure you plan your route and see if there are any routes that enable you to stay away from the busy roads.

3. Buses

Buses are another way you can get around a city, these are great if you want to explore the area or if you want to get to and from work. Sometimes buses can seem scary and confusing, but once you understand the different bus routes and where the bus stops are then you should be all good. Those who are looking for a more environmentally friendly and cheaper way of commuting often use buses.

4. Trains

Another way you can get around a city is by train. Often trains are used by people who are travelling longer distances, so if for example, your commute is 20 miles long, then you might consider taking a train to and from work. Similar to buses, trains are better for the environment and might help you save some money.

5. Taxicabs

Some mornings we all sleep in or keep hitting the snooze button and just don’t want to get up, on these days many people rely on taxicabs. If you’re running late for an important meeting or for work then you can call for a taxicab. This mode of transport can rack up some hefty costs if you use it all the time, so be mindful of only using taxicabs when you need to.

6. Sharing a Car

If you’re starting work in a new city and have found out that a work colleague lives around the corner from you then you might consider asking them if they could give you a lift. Sharing a car is a cost-effective way that benefits both of you, as you can offer to help pay for petrol. You can also use car-sharing apps to see if there’s anyone in your local area who travels the same way as you do.

7. Mass Transit Rail

Subways or Metro Train systems can be found in many cities and urban areas in America and are also a great way of getting around. They have fewer stops than buses however, they don’t have to deal with road traffic so can be quicker. They also can fit more passengers on them per vehicle so are better for the environment and might not be as cramped in the morning commute.

8. Scooter/Skateboard/Rollerskates

There’s countless other ways you can get around a city, such as by a scooter, skateboard, or by rollerskates. These fun activities can help to keep you fitter and are also better for the environment than other options. Make sure if you’re going to get sweaty on your commute that you take a spare pair of clothes, as nobody likes to smell all day at work.

9. Electric Bike

If the above options appeal to you, but you’re a little bit lazier, then you can get an electric bike and let the bike take you some of the ways. Electric bikes can be charged the night before and can power all or some of your journey. If your electric bike doesn’t take you the whole way then you can just cycle as you would on a normal bike the rest of the way.

10. Work From Home

If your work offers flexible working conditions then why not try working from home one day, or a few days, a week? Working from home means that you don’t have to commute – you don’t even have to get dressed if you don’t want to.

Of course, if you’d rather have your car to get you around the new city then you could always get it towed. Find out more about how to get your car towed from one location to another:

Follow Our Guide on How to Get Around

There are many different options when it comes to traveling or commuting around a city. Make sure you follow our guide on how to get around and try out some of these options. We recommend aligning your New Year resolutions with your transport, so if you want to lose weight then get yourself a bike, or if you want to be more mindful of the environment then go to work on public transport.

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