Bristow's Wildflower 5-K Run To Be Held Virtually Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

Wednesday, May 6th 2020, 8:09 am
By: Amy Avery

Many races this spring have been cancelled because of COVID-19, but some communities are finding ways to make them possible. 
Bristow's Wildflower 5-K Run usually brings hundreds of runners to town, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, they are planning to hold it virtually instead.
Officials say you can run, walk, bike, row--any exercise to show you're staying active.
And they say you can get creative with it, and even make your own running bib too!
The Committee for the run says it's free to participate, but they will then donate $5 to Bristow Social Services for everyone who posts their completed time on the Wildflower Run Facebook page.
The run's founder, Dr. Chip Cooper said "any way you can document that you did any exercise, it doesn’t have to be the wildflower run, you can get on a stationary bicycle and spend a little time with it any way you can document it, we are going to be able to put that as a virtual form of participation in the wildflower run"
Bristow City Councilor Kris Wyatt said "for every person who runs or posts a picture or sends their time in, the wildflower run will donate 5 dollars to Bristow social services so this comes out to be a real win win"
The Committee says the run has been going on for 34 years now, so they're happy to be able to keep it going despite the circumstances. They say you don't have to be in Bristow to participate, and there's no specific course so you can run wherever you want.
The deadline to submit your results for the run is Saturday, May 9th.
For more information, click here.