Tulsa Police Say Altercation Turned Into A Deadly Shooting; Shooter In Custody

Monday, May 11th 2020, 6:41 am
By: Amy Kauffman

Tulsa Police Officers are investigating a late night homicide that left one man dead near 49th West Avenue and Charles Page Boulevard.
Tulsa Police said they had actually been out to the home where the shooting happened multiple times, because they said Anthony Velasco was threatening the shooter and threatening to damage his home earlier in the day.
Officers said they were called out to Matthew Boll’s home two times before the actual shooting call, but Velasco was gone by the time they got there both times they were called.
Neighbors told police Velasco tried to break into Boll’s home earlier in the day with an axe while Boll and a woman were at the grocery store. They said the second time Velasco was damaging Boll’s property, so Boll came out and fired several rounds in the air to scare him off.
They said Velasco then came back a third time to the home around 6 p.m. Sunday night and began arguing with the woman at Boll’s home over her bike.
Police said a witness told them the argument became physical and that’s when Boll shot Velasco multiple times.

Tulsa Police Department Lt. Marcus Harper said “patrol officers did a good job of trying to track him down to stop what eventually ended up happening out here but were not able to find him until he eventually came back out and was shot by the homeowner here.” 

Boll has been booked into jail on one count of first degree murder. They say he refused to talk to detectives and requested an attorney instead.