Admiral Twin Drive-in Reopens, Holds Showing Friday Night

Friday, May 15th 2020, 6:43 am
By: Shannon Rousseau


You can finally spend a night at the movies, as the Admiral Twin is reopening Friday evening in Tulsa.

Some people like their movies with a popcorn and drink; while the Admiral Twin normally has their concession stand open that is not the case for the time being.

Instead, you'll have to bring in your own snacks and drinks to watch Friday's show.

Under normal circumstances, the drive-in does not allow any outside food or drinks but this is a change being made in the COVID-19 pandemic.

And to get in to the drive-in, you'll need your ticket.

Those are primarily being sold online. However, according to the Admiral Twin's Facebook page if online tickets sell out they said you can buy them at the box office.

Tickets can be purchased through the Admiral Twin's website or Fandango.

We'd suggest getting there early too, as they'll likely be packed for Friday's showing.

One other thing to keep in mind, the Admiral Twin is trying to limit the number of people in one space; so, they're saying bathrooms are for emergencies only.