Rogers County Needs Poll Workers Due To COVID-19, Election Board Says

Wednesday, May 20th 2020, 5:43 am

Rogers County -

The Rogers County election board says they desperately need more poll workers for upcoming elections and says nearly 80 percent of its volunteers are, on average, in their late 70s.

Most of those volunteers have worked polling locations for years now, but because of the pandemic election board secretary Julie Dermody says many of them have told her they’re not going to work next month’s election and possibly won’t work at the polls for the remainder of the year.

Dermody says she’s talked to election officials nationwide who are running into the same problem and are rushing to get those spots filled. 

“Elections are critical to our infrastructure and how we run. If we don’t have good elections that we can count on, then everything fails” said Dermody.

Anyone interested in being a poll worker can call the election board’s office. 

The board says they have training sessions scheduled for early next month.