Youth Basketball Game Breaks Out Into Fight

Monday, February 10th 2020, 4:59 pm
By: News On 6

A youth basketball game at the Owasso YMCA came to a stop after an all-out brawl ensued.

They said parents and even coaches got involved. A witness said what began as a fight between girls escalated quickly and ended in a full mob of parents fighting on the basketball court. Owasso police say a youth basketball game for girls ages 10 to 13 turned violent at the YMCA on Saturday.

"What appeared to initially be a fight between preteen girls on the basketball court, and spilled over to parents and coaches getting involved," said Owasso Police Deputy Chief Jason Woodruff. 

Woodruff said three girls started fighting, and that's when one dad said other parents, coaches and then more parents joined in to break it up. 

"It appears to be a fight between players that got out of hand," said Woodruff.

That witness said one girl got a bloody nose and police say there were only minor injuries. Woodruff says by the time police arrived, the fight had been broken up.

"It's something we take seriously," he said. "We wanna make sure the kids are safe, but it doesn't seem to rise to the level of criminal charges."

The YMCA sent us a statement saying in part the purpose of their sports programs is to "create future leaders through team sports that build character and fundamental skill development" and "Anything that does not line up with our Code of Conduct will be looked into."

The YMCA adds all their parents sign a Code of Conduct to promote safety. Police say no arrests were made.