Creek County Firefighters Prepare For Winter Weather After Large Fire

Tuesday, February 4th 2020, 1:17 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

We're learning more about what it took to get Monday's large grass fire in Creek county under control.

Drumright firefighters were some of more than 40 people working to battle a fire spanning more than 800 acres in creek county. Drumright Fire Chief Brett Lunsford said helping out is just second nature in rural Oklahoma.

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"To get out there and see it all work, it's works good and we like that," said Lunsford.

Drumwright got the call after the Olive Volunteer department asked for help. 

Lunsford said nearby welding may have sparked the brush fire and spread quickly across a large part of Creek county, and Osage Sky News 6 HD was there capture it all from above.

"I jumped on the dozer, and took it out there for them and ran the dozer to put some lines down," said Lunsford. 

Lunsford says 10 agencies, 27 vehicles, and 41 people worked for nearly 10 hours to stop the fire and no structures had serious damage.

"We think of the small departments as extensions of our department," said Lunsford. 

Lunsford says many of the agencies are comprised of volunteers that had to go back to their full-time jobs Tuesday. Now, those volunteers are already switching gears, getting prepared to control winter weather expected Wednesday.

"That's just an everyday thing for us," Lunsford said.

He said he considers the outcome of that massive grass fire a success.

"It's cool to see everybody come together," he said. "We've been doing it so long together, it's kinda a machine."

Firefighters said they are ready to respond to crashes and major events due to weather.

","published":"2020-02-04T19:17:41.000Z","updated":"2020-02-04T19:17:41.000Z","summary":"Firefighters are talking about what it took to get Monday's large grass fire in Creek County under control and how volunteers are already switching gears for winter weather.