Coronavirus Infections Surpass 20,000, China Says

Tuesday, February 4th 2020, 4:09 am
By: Rachel Roberts

China said the number of people infected with Coronavirus has surpassed 20,000 with the number of deaths rising to at least 425.

As these numbers continue to rise, the World Health Organization is warning that the outbreak could soon be large enough to be classified as a pandemic.

In China, crews worked day and night to build this hospital to treat Coronavirus patients in Wuhan. Video from Chinese State TV shows it stocked with supplies to treat the health crisis. 

Monday, the CDC confirmed a second U.S. case was transmitted person-to-person to the spouse of a Wuhan traveler.

Right now, nearly a hundred Princeton University students who recently traveled to China are being closely monitored for symptoms.

There are 82 tests pending, but only 11 cases are confirmed currently in the U.S.