Creek County Ranchers Raise Cashmere Goats

Tuesday, January 14th 2020, 10:17 am
By: News On 6

When you think of cashmere, you probably don’t think of Oklahoma. However, some very fine cashmere wool is produced from goats raised on a 240-acre ranch in Creek County.

Heidi Dickens and her husband are both doctors, but she gave up her patients to shepherd 150 to 200 cashmere goats, which produce very fine wool. The goats grow an outer layer of hair that protects the more valuable cashmere underneath.

“White cashmere is the most valuable because it can be dyed any color," Heidi said.

Myers Family Farm In Creek County

It’s hard to imagine naming nearly 200 goats, but she’s tried. She’s taken names of characters from TV shows like “Friends” or “The Walking Dead."

She sends the wool from her goats to a mill in Connecticut to be processed. It comes home and is spun into cashmere yarn.

Here’s a treat for the rest of us. The Dickens’ have a three-bedroom home on the property which they rent out as a B&B. You too can live the farm life for a week or a weekend.

See their Airbnb listing