Third Accuser Files Lawsuit Against Former OU VP Tripp Hall

Tuesday, January 7th 2020, 2:21 am
By: Grant Hermes

Another University of Oklahoma student came forward Monday detailing in a lawsuit, new allegations against former OU Vice President Jim “Tripp” Hall.  Andrew Wisdom, 21, is the third accuser to come forward and the second to file a civil lawsuit against Hall.

According to the suit, Wisdom and Hall met in the fall of 2017 at a reading group where the two developed a close relationship.

“Through the guise of mentorship and friendship, Defendant Hall maliciously manipulated Plaintiff into believing the relationship was appropriate,” the suit reads.

On January 8, nearly two months after Hall had been fired from OU, Wisdom alleges Hall texted him saying “just wanted to check on you,” and invited Wisdom to tea at his home in Norman.

According to the suit, Wisdom went to Hall’s home the next day where Hall allegedly performed oral sex on Wisdom for “a prolonged period of time.” Wisdom says at no time did he consent to the sex act.

“"My client, Andrew Wisdom, another victim of Tripp Hall, is seeking justice for predatory conduct. We feel our case is strong and look forward to proving it in a court of law,” Eddy said.

Wisdom is suing for emotional and physical damages as well as reimbursement for medical costs.

Wisdom joins Levi Hilliard in suing Hall. Hilliard also alleges a pattern of manipulation and escalated unwanted touching over the course of the same year. Last fall, the OSBI also filed a search warrant for Hall’s person email account and began investigating Hall for rape. Hall was also accused by another former OU grad Jess Eddy of unwanted advances and groping. Rand Eddy is Jess Eddy’s father.

Hall’s attorney, Clark Brewster, did however respond saying, “The claims against Mr. Hall will be vigorously defended. It is no coincidence that the claims come from a lawyer related to a party that has made admittedly untrue claims in the past. The claim set forth in this latest suit alleges that the plaintiff voluntarily came to Mr. Hall’s personal residence at a time after he was no longer employed at the University of Oklahoma. We look forward to defending Mr. Hall’s good name and pursuing those who file specious lawsuits.”

Hall has strongly denied all allegations. He did not respond to a message left asking for comment on Wisdom’s lawsuit.

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