Highway 75 In Tulsa Sees Major Construction For Water Line

Friday, January 3rd 2020, 1:42 pm
By: Mallory Thomas

Major construction is happening along Highway 75 in Tulsa as The City of Tulsa works to put in a new water line.

“It’s one of the only major transmission mains that we’ve done in the last decade or more,” said City of Tulsa Field Engineering Manager, Ryan McKaskle.

He said crews will have to dig under 56 Street North and a creek to install the 3.5 miles of new waterline.

“What the lines do is it doesn’t bring any more pressure, but it does bring more volume and what that is just meeting all the demands and the needs. As we add more customers, we need more water,” said McKaskle.

He said research for the project started back in 2004.

“We evaluate where the demand is and how we need to meet that demand in 20 years in 30 years in 40 years. So, what this is a portion in that timeline to meet that demand,” said McKaskle.

The City of Tulsa provides water to residents in Skiatook and Owasso and they expect that area to continue to grow. With the new water line, the city said they can handle the growth for decades.

“The anticipated life expectancy of large lines if 75-100 years,” said McKaskle.