Oologah Schools Implement New Technology To Screen Students, Staff

Tuesday, June 16th 2020, 5:31 pm
By: Emory Bryan


The Oologah-Talala School District plans to screen every student for fever when they return to classes in the fall.

The district bought 14 scanners that use facial recognition to identify students and employees and a thermal scanner to check body temperature.

The system can automatically gather attendance, and control access to locked buildings. One is also installed at the gate to the stadium.

"Will we have football games? Will we take everyone’s temperature? They haven't determined that” said Mike Murray, the Technology Director for the school district.

Murray doesn’t know if it will be practical to have a large crowd at a football game or track meet, or even for the rush of students each morning.

“When they get off the bus, they're going to be going through fast” said Murray.

He said the district may buy more scanners so the process goes faster. Each one is $1,400.

“There's a lot of things we're trying to evaluate and this is one of the first things we've decided to go with to alert parents that we are going to be really health conscious going forward” said Murray.

The machines could also help detect any illness that triggers a fever.

The system can block students from entering and automatically notify parents and staff.