Tulsa Drillers Groundskeeper Translates Love For Baseball Into Her Work

Thursday, July 2nd 2020, 8:38 pm
By: Daniel Hawk

TULSA, Okla. -

For the players to patrol the beautifully manicured grass and perfectly groomed infields at OneOK Field, it takes the work of dedicated groundskeepers, one of whom has made a bit of team history.

Alexa Brown is only the second female groundskeeper in Drillers team history.

For most Tulsa Driller Baseball fans coming out to OneOK field, it would be enough just to cheer on the Drillers, but Brown wanted the best seat in the house.  

"I want my love for the game to translate to the work I do on the field,” said Brown.

When you go to a Drillers game, you might remember the strikeout or even the base hit, but the canvas for those memories is created by the grounds crew.

"There’s more to baseball than just players playing. Somebody has to maintain the field and it’s an important job for the club,” Brown said.

Brown’s passion for the game of baseball is evident in her work, even as she learns new things to take care of the field beyond mowing.

"[I] learned how to edge, we did the lines on the infield and stuff like that, I learned to drag the field,” Brown said.

Tulsa Drillers Head Groundskeeper Gary Shepard said, "she is going to learn about aerating real quick. She seems real excited, involved and that’s great for us."

As the sports world slowly starts to open back up, Alexa is happy to play a part in the comeback of America's past time.

"As a fan, just be thankful for everything the grounds crew people do and be thankful that there is baseball in the summer,” said Brown.