New Study Could Bring More Affordable Housing To Downtown Tulsa

Tuesday, July 28th 2020, 5:22 pm
By: Mallory Thomas

TULSA, Okla. -

A recent study showed more people are moving to Downtown Tulsa and the surrounding neighborhoods, even though the median income is lower than the rest of the city.

The City of Tulsa said the survey showed the downtown area has seen a growth of about 5% in the past 10 years. 

The City of Tulsa said even though more people are working in the downtown area, the median income is lower than the rest of the city and they hope to see more affordable housing options here in the future. 

“When we talk about affordability, we’re really talking about that entire range from whether you’re making $30,000 on up to $100,000 and what does that look like," said Travis Hulse, City of Tulsa's Principal Planner for the Planning Office. Hulse said thousands of Tulsans participated in a survey and the city found a common theme. 

“How do we provide opportunities though maybe more so for the workforce. For those that are working in the restaurant industries, retail industries in downtown, how is housing affordable and attainable to them," said Hulse. 

Hulse said the survey focuses on downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods and it shows the median household income in this area last year was $32,000. That's $14,000 less than the median income for the rest of the city. 

“The study really highlights the preference for young professionals to move downtown, yes. But it also highlights the opportunities for young families to come downtown," said Hulse.

He said now the city is looking for ways to bring affordable housing to downtown in the future. 

The City of Tulsa is looking for more feedback from Tulsans about their individual neighborhoods, so they've released a second survey.