6-Year-Old Left In Car, Found By Police After Calling Family

Friday, July 31st 2020, 6:50 am
By: News On 6


A 6-year-old is safe with family after police say he was left alone in a car by his father.

Tulsa Police say they got a phone call from a 6-year-old who had been left in a car by his father.

Police say the search began when a 6-year-old was left in the car on his own by his father in northern Tulsa County; Tulsa Police say sometime after the child was abandoned, the father was arrested by Osage county deputies for other charges.

Police say while the child was alone in the car, he used his dad's phone to start calling family members.

The family then called TPD to help find the child.

Police say with the help of dispatch, several officers, Osage County law enforcement, and THE TPD helicopter, they were able to ping the phone and find the general area the child was in.

While they were still on the phone with the boy, they had him honk the horn until they got close enough to find him.

Captain R.G. Meullenberg says the search took a lot of manpower but they were happy with the outcome.

“Officers were able to get in there and find the child, the child is safe everything is fine and the child is now with family,” Meullenberg says.

Police say they are still investigating, but if it turns out that the father left the child in the car neglectfully, then he could face more criminal charges.