Green Country Girl Wins Top Prize With News On 6 Show Pigs

Thursday, August 27th 2020, 8:32 am
By: Tess Maune

NOWATA, Okla. -

A Green Country girl is giving Oklahoma's Own some love through her show pigs.

Each year Addison Collier comes up with a theme for her show pigs. Her spring 2020 theme was News On 6.

“They watch it every morning when they’re getting ready for school,” her dad, Blake said.

“This is Tess,” Addison Collier said while patting her pig’s head. “And this is Terri Hood. And down here is Alan Crone. I also had a Dave Davis and Travis Meyer.”

Addison's a 5th grader at Oklahoma Union and a champion in the 4-H show ring.

“It's fun and you get to learn a lot of responsibility,” said Addison. “You have to wash 'em and keep 'em under control when you walk them in the show ring.”

Addison’s hard work has paid off. Tess Maune the pig and Travis Meyer the pig won first in their respective classes at the Nowata County Spring Livestock Show.

And with Travis Meyer the pig, Addison was named Nowata County's 2020 Spring Livestock Show Junior Showmanship Champion in the swine division, which is a goal she set for herself last year after someone else took home the top prize.

“Instead of just quitting, she come back home and said, 'I'm gonna work on winning that jacket.' And to me, as a dad, makes me really proud that she's gonna set goals and work at them,” said Blake.

Blake said he sees that same drive in Addison’s younger brother and sister as well.

“All three of them are out here three or four nights a week brushing and playing with these pigs. Better than playing on a video game or something like that,” Blake said.

Blake's an ag and FFA teacher at Oklahoma Union. He said the love for livestock isn't just happening inside the Collier show barn, it's one that's growing nationwide.

“The FFA has record numbers right now of kids in it that are wanting to pursue a career in agriculture,” he said. “I think for the world, that's a good thing.”

Addison said her theme for the upcoming season is Looney Tunes.

As for the News On 6 show pigs, let’s just say… they’ve gone on to greener pastures.