Tulsa Public Schools Announces New Plan For School Lunch Program

Sunday, August 30th 2020, 6:59 am
By: News On 6

TULSA, Okla. -

As virtual learning begins at Tulsa Public Schools, the district says they are changing up their lunch program so students will be able to pick up meals for the week on Mondays.

This week parents and families will be able to pick up meals during their school's distance learning supply pick-up day. Then next week, meals will be served on Wednesday instead of Monday because of the Labor Day holiday. Then starting September 7th, the district will officially kick off their Monday meal times.

They'll continue their mobile meals bus stop service to 85 stops around the city and will also have grab and go meals at all schools.

For more information CLICK HERE and see a full list of Grab and Go locations below.

Site by Neighborhood      Address

Central Neighborhood     

Burroughs Elementary School    1924 N. MLK Blvd.

Central Middle and High School 3101 W. Edison St.

Emerson Elementary School       910 N. Martin Luther King Blvd.

Wayman Tisdale Fine Arts Academy      4132 W. Cameron St.

East Central Neighborhood           

Cooper Elementary School          1808 S. 123rd East Ave.

Disney Elementary School           11702 E. 25th St.

Dolores Huerta Elementary School           10620 E. 27 St.

East Central Junior High              12121 E. 21 St.

East Central High School              12150 E. 11 St.

Kerr Elementary School 202 S. 117th East Ave.

Lewis and Clark Elementary School         737 S. Garnett Rd.

Mitchell Elementary School          733 N. 73 East Ave.

Peary Elementary School             10818 E. 17th St.

Edison Neighborhood      

Council Oak Elementary School 1920 S. Cincinnati Ave.

Edison Preparatory Middle and High School         2906 E. 41 St.

Eliot Elementary School 1442 E. 36 St.

Lanier Elementary School            1727 S. Harvard Ave.

Patrick Henry Elementary School              3820 E. 41 St.

Hale Neighborhood          

Bell Elementary School 6304 E. Admiral Blvd.

Hale High School             6960 E. 21 St.

Hale Junior High School 2177 S. 67 East Ave.

Hamilton Elementary School       2316 N. Norwood Ave.

Hoover Elementary School          2327 S. Darlington Ave.

Kendall-Whittier Elementary School         2601 E. 5th Pl.

Lindbergh Elementary School     931 S. 89th East Ave.

MacArthur Elementary School    2182 S. 73rd East Ave.

McKinley Elementary School       6703 E. King St.

Owen Elementary School             1132 N. Vandalia Ave.

Skelly Elementary School             2714 S 90 East Ave & 2940 S. 90th East Ave.

McLain Neighborhood     

Anderson Elementary School      1921 E. 29th St. N.

Celia Clinton Elementary School 1740 N. Harvard Ave.

Hawthorne Elementary School   1105 E. 33rd St. N.

John Hope Franklin Elementary School  5402 N. Martin Luther King Blvd.

McLain High School        4929 N. Peoria Ave.

Monroe Demonstration Academy              2010 E. 48th St. N.

Sequoyah Elementary School     724 N. Birmingham Ave.

Springdale Elementary School    2510 E. Pine St.

Unity Learning Academy               2137 N. Pittsburg Ave.

Whitman Elementary School       3924 N. Lansing Ave.

Memorial Neighborhood 

Carnegie Elementary School       4309 East 56 St.

Grissom Elementary School        6646 S. 73rd East Ave.

Key Elementary School 5702 S. Irvington Ave.

Marshall Elementary School        1142 E. 56th St.

McClure Elementary School        1770 E. 61st St.

Memorial High School    5840 S. Hudson Ave.

Memorial Middle School 7502 E. 57 St.

Salk Elementary School 7625 E. 58 St.

Webster Neighborhood   

Clinton West Elementary School 2224 W. 41st St.

Eugene Field Elementary School               2249 S. Phoenix Ave.

Robertson Elementary School    2721 W. 50th St.

Webster Middle and High School               1919 W. 40 St.

Additional sites 

Booker T. Washington High School          1514 E. Zion St.

Carver Middle School     624 E. Oklahoma Pl.

Dual Language Academy             2703 N. Yorktown Pl.

Eisenhower International School 3111 E. 56 St.

Mayo Demonstration Academy   1127 S. Columbia Ave.

Thoreau Demonstration Academy             7370 E. 71 St.

Will Rogers College Junior High and High School               3909 E. 5th Pl.

Zarrow International School         3613 S. Hudson Ave.