Collinsville Celebrates Homecoming Of Soldier Deployed In Iraq

Monday, October 19th 2020, 9:44 pm
By: Kristen Weaver


A Collinsville soldier who was deployed to Iraq for more than a year is finally home with his five kids and wife.

People in Collinsville wanted Sergeant Dustin Coberley to know how much his service means, so they lined city streets as first responders escorted the soldier back home at last.

Signs were up, American flags in hand, and big smiles as Collinsville awaited the arrival of Sergeant Dustin Coberley. The soldier has been in Iraq since last September - 396 days.  

"It's been a rough year. When you throw in COVID and just lots of stuff in our family it's been tough," said Sheena Coberley.

Before Dustin got home, he surprised his five kids at school, alongside his wife Sheena.

"I took him and we individually surprised each of the kids," said Sheena.

After the warm community welcome, Collinsville Police and firefighters escorted him to his home where the Patriot Guard Riders had flags lined up ready to salute Sgt. Coberley.

"It's just a matter of honoring our servicemen."

Finally, dad was home.

"It was really hard because we didn't have him and now he's back it's so great," said his daughter Bre Coberley.

As if things couldn't get any better, Sheena brought out the mouse ears to announce a family vacation, thanks to organization Hero's Wish.

The Coberleys are finally whole again.

This was sergeant Coberley's first deployment. The family hopes he can spend a lot of time relaxing at home with them in the coming months.