Military Banners Fly In Downtown Broken Arrow Honoring Veterans

Tuesday, November 10th 2020, 4:47 pm


Along the light poles in downtown Broken Arrow fly military banners that honor those who have served the country.  

The military banners go from Detroit to Fort Worth Street along Main Street, honoring many heroes, each with a different story. The city put them up two weeks before Veterans Day.

“Broken Arrow is one the most patriotic cities in the State,” General Tom Mancino said.

Mancino is the President of the Board at the Military History Center. In May 2018, he approached the City Council about the idea of honoring Veterans on banners along Main Street. He served 39 years in the National Guard and he believes it’s a great way to pay tribute to all vets.

Mancino bought banners for his son, himself, and even his father who served. In order for a Veteran to be on a banner, it costs $200 and you’ll have to provide a picture and dates of service. All the money is donated to the Blue Star Mothers and the Military History Center.

Councilwoman, Debra Wimpee bought a banner for her sister who served. 

“What a great fundraiser and a great way to honor Veterans,” Wimpee said.

Jack O’Connor served 24 years in the Air Force and said he also bought a banner.

“This banner program has really gone big. Everyone really enjoys seeing their face,” O’Conner said.

Manicino said the fundraiser not only helps remember Vets, but also raises money for their museum, so that history can be preserved. At the end of two years, the Veteran can request to own the banner.