3 Cowboy Takeaways: Clinging To Hopes, Cowboys Cannot Capitalize On Opportunities

Saturday, December 5th 2020, 3:15 pm
By: Kristin Wells

Dealing with injuries and inconsistencies, the Cowboys struggled to finish the game.

Let’s review, shall we? (This happened a lot this game).

First score of the game: a brilliant scoop and score by the defense to put the Cowboys on the board. The first half, while full of punts (five for the pokes to be exact), left the good guys on top headed into the locker room.

Then we’re not sure what happened exactly in the third quarter. We missed some key players due to injuries, but there’s still a whole team on the field.

With a wild second half, it seemed like the Cowboys would have opportunities to take back the lead, but the execution fell short.

Both teams left it all on the field, but unfortunately, it came up with a victory for the Horned Frogs, 29-22.

First Takeaway: What An Encore For Dezmon Jackson

It’s been a year full of injuries for the Cowboys.

With Chuba Hubbard out for the second week in a row, and LD Brown suited up but not looking 100%, Dezmon Jackson takes the field again.

And man, are we glad he did.

In the first half, Jackson had 18 carries for 94 yards, putting up the only rushing numbers in the first besides Spencer Sanders. He was consistently able to make plays, and more often than not make substantial yards with his runs.

His O-line gave him great gaps to run with and protection to make yards happen. This offensive line has been eviscerated by injuries this year, starting with the first game of the season.

Even with the revolving door on the O-line, they’ve managed to create a formidable front and allow Jackson to just do his thing.

Encore, Jackson, encore.

Second Takeaway: “The Previous Play Is Under Further Review

Eight hours later, we have a winner.

I haven’t spent this much time watching the officials watch their little monitor, and I’m sure they haven’t spent that much time in a single game either.

Play reviewing is important, officials want to make sure their calls are accurate, so the game maintains its competitiveness. But I’m pretty sure not every play has that much need for the tiny monitor.

It was a back-and-forth game, full of turnovers and sideline snatches, so sure, let’s look over some plays, make sure they’re in bounds. But wow, this game felt like two put into one.

One announcer thinks it might be a record, I might have to agree with him.

Third Takeaway: A Defensive Clinic In Crucial Moments But Inconsistency Remains

Defense scored the first points of the game with a beautiful scoop and score.

It’s a story we’ve seen throughout the season for the Cowboys, and defense continues to step up.

There were four defensive takeaways for the Cowboys today, led by Tre Sterling and Amen Ogbongbemiga, even as Sterling and Rodarius Williams go out in the third quarter due to injury.

OSU is the top defense in the Big 12 on third down conversions and second in the country. It’s not a defense to be messed with.

However, they could not seem to stay off the field today.

While the defense forced five turnovers - only gaining seven points from it - the inconsistency remains. Key moments the defense stepped up for a stop but couldn’t keep the Horned Frogs from taking the lead.

And let’s give credit to Ogbongbemiga for the incredible strips to force fumbles for the Cowboys, looked like a drill that he knows well. But the offense could not do anything with the gifts they were given today.