ODOT Prepares For Freezing Temperatures, More Snow

Monday, December 14th 2020, 4:35 pm

Monday, ODOT crews were out prepping the highways for another freeze by putting out salt and sand mixtures. 

“As soon as the sun went down and temperatures started getting even colder, we saw ice forming on multiple areas across the county," said Kenna Mitchell.

Kenna Mitchell with Oklahoma Department of Transportation said just in Tulsa County, they have around 7,000 tons of a salt-sand mixture ready to be used. 

“Once it becomes nightfall and temperatures start plunging, any surface that has moisture on it is susceptible to black ice conditions. So, it’s that thin layer of ice that can just in an instant form especially on bridges and overpasses," said Mitchell.

She said you can expect to see ODOT's trucks out on the highways throughout the night. 

“Making sure again some of those last remaining slick spots are removed especially where we can see that there is area of runoff. Perhaps ramps where there are slopes, we want to make sure that those are clear," said Mitchell.

Mitchell said they are also relying on drivers to take things slow. 

“They have to do their part following the weather forecast and determining if they do have to be out on the roads if travel is an absolute necessity when it is in a winter storm condition like what we’ve seen they’ve got to go slow and pay attention to other traffic around them," said Mitchell.