Former TPD Officer Likely To Be Released From Prison After Sentence Vacated

Monday, December 14th 2020, 6:18 pm

A former Tulsa Police Officer convicted of manslaughter, is likely to be home with his family by Christmas.

While Shannon Kepler's state manslaughter conviction hasn't technically been dismissed yet, Kepler has now been charged with murder in federal court.

If Kepler is tried in federal court for murder, it will be his fifth trial. The first three trials ended in hung jury's and the fourth ended with a manslaughter conviction and a 15-year prison sentence.

Kepler was arrested in 2014 for the shooting death of Jeremy Lake, who was a new friend of Kepler's daughter.

Kepler's case will be dismissed because of a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on tribal jurisdiction, which is why the case has been re-filed in federal court. A federal judge said today, as soon as Kepler's state conviction is vacated, Kepler will be released from prison on bond.

"Obviously he is looking forward to being released from custody,” said Kepler’s attorney, Stanley Monroe. “He has been incarcerated for the last three years. Although he doesn't look forward to going through a fifth trial now, he is certainly confident he will be acquitted."

Because Kepler is a convicted felon, he can't be around any guns, so one of the conditions of his bond is that all of the guns in their home will be given to a friend.

Since Kepler's wife is a police officer, her service weapon will have to be locked in a safe and she's the only one allowed to have a key.